These are procedures performed in the office, which do not require intervention in surgery rooms. In each of them, the professional who executes it will request the collaboration of the patient to perform with precision each of the procedures.

They are placed to reduce the elimination of tears in cases of hyposcretion. There are collagen plugs that dissolve in 4-5 days. Silicone and Acrylic plugs that are permanent but can be removed if necessary. It is a procedure that is performed in the office, under drops of anesthesia in the eye.

It is the microscopic examination of the ocular tissues to determine cellular characteristics, the degree of tissue involvement, benignity or malignancy of a lesion, diagnostic classification … etc. It is performed on the tissues of the lesions that have been completely surgically resected or on tissue biopsies.

It is the measurement of muscle balance in different gaze positions. Binocular vision, fusion, fixation and convergence accommodation reflexes are explored.

It is the most accurate objective method to measure Visual Acuity: it determines the distortions of the image “optical aberrations” – in its intraocular path. It allows reconfirming refraction, detecting anomalies such as irregular astigmatism. Inform the quality of the individual vision.

Informs about the quality of individual vision in everyday life. It is part of the eye examination and is performed once the refraction of the patient has been determined, especially in cases with refractive abnormalities that consult for correction. It is useful to know the visual commitment of an evolving cataract.

Contrast sensitivity can be measured in simulated glare situations; It is used to measure visual acuity in everyday situations of current life, especially in night driving.

Vision exploration under magnified parameters for special cases.

Procedure where by means of a simple and rapid measurement of visual acuity the functions of the retina can be examined, decreases of visual acuity due to irregularities of the optical function or the macula can be detected.

They are therapies of functional recovery of the first muscle balance and visual acuity the second. They are performed with exercises to stimulate eye movements and vision with specialized instruments for that purpose. They are performed in the Department of Strabology. It requires several sessions in all cases with a duration of half an hour per session.

The measurement of tear osmolority is an easy, simple, safe and fast technique by which the ophthalmologist obtains an objective measure of dry eye., In order to prevent a patient with this syndrome moderately can worsen, as it allows, carry out the objective monitoring of some treatments for dry eye. The technique allows the collection of a small amount of tear to perform the analysis of its osmolarity. It is a non-invasive, painless procedure with an almost immediate result.

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