It is one of the exclusive services of the city, being the only Clinic that offers Hospitalization service for ophthalmological pathologies.

In the hospitalization area we offer 6 single-person single rooms and 1 fully equipped apartment to offer high quality care and comfort to our users.

Each room has an independent bathroom, Cable TV, doorbell for timely attention, and a special adaptation for the care of the visually affected patient. Additionally, in the rooms there is a bed base for a companion with an additional cost, with the purpose of organizing your hospital stay including as the patient, your dinner and breakfast.

For foreign patients or outside Bogotá, we have alliances with some hotels near the Clinic that offer special rates for our patients.

Visiting schedule

From Sunday to Sunday from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm, , visits are allowed. Remember that only the entry of a maximum of two (2) visitors per patient is allowed.
Minors and older adults must remain with a permanent companion.

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