We serve your most urgent needs in visual health 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the service?

The priority ophthalmologic consultation is one that is offered to a patient who cannot wait for a regular external consultation due to his clinical conditions, but who does not present an imminent risk of loss of his visual function, which is why he should not be treated immediately and can be attended within the next hours of your arrival at the service.

Attention Procedure:

Upon arrival at the institution, the patient is interviewed by trained personnel to determine the need of each patient, if you consult for a chronic condition that does not merit a priority consultation, the patient receives help and advice to assign a regular appointment in an outpatient clinic and receive the specialized eye and eye care, which allows the study and treatment of your individual case.

-If you consider it requires priority attention, you will be assigned a shift to be attended.

-The patient will be informal about the conditions of the service and the approximate waiting time, so that they are known and accepted in advance by the user.

Operation of the service

From 07:00 am 08:00 pm from Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm there is a general ophthalmologist coordinator of the service who attends priority consultation and controls together with a general practitioner in ophthalmology training.

At night and on weekends, care is provided by the ophthalmology training physician of the Superior School of Ophthalmology. If you require the presence of a Specialist, you have permanent availability of our staff to attend consultations or emergency surgeries if necessary.

The Barraquer Clinic committed to patient safety, in the priority consultation service for our patients, two waiting rooms that are divided into room A and B.

Room A: intended for patients with an eye infection and / or conjunctivitis control, in order to reduce the risk of infections associated with health care.

Room B: For families or patients without any eye infection.

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