In the ocular pathology laboratory, studies of the tissues obtained by the ophthalmologist surgeons of the different subspecialties are carried out, in surgical procedures of the eyeball and the orbit and its annexes, in order to carry out the diagnosis of the different diseases. including inflammatory and tumor pathologies and in the case of the latter, determine whether they are benign or malignant pathologies.

These studies are of great importance for the patient because they allow the treating physician to determine not only the diagnosis, but also the treatment to be followed and the prognosis of the disease.

The laboratory has suitable personnel consisting of a general pathologist, an ophthalmologist specialized in ocular pathology and a histotechnologist, who are responsible for processing the surgical specimens, their macro and microscopic examination and the preparation of the corresponding pathological diagnostic reports. For the study of tissues, conventional histochemical techniques are used, complying with national and international standards.

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