Within the Clinic, there are the facilities of two entities focused on research and the comprehensive training of future Ophthalmologists.

Barraquer Institute of America – IBA

It is a civil, non-profit scientific entity dedicated to research, study, teaching and dissemination of Ophthalmological Science. It was founded in 1965 by Prof. José Ignacio Barraquer Moner in homage to his father, the Professor. Ignacio Barraquer y Barraquer, currently directed by Dr. Francisco Barraquer Coll.


Higher School of Ophthalmology- ESO

One of the objectives of the Higher School of Ophthalmology of the Barraquer Institute of America is to expand opportunities for access to higher education, especially in advanced training in Ophthalmology, so that all Colombians and foreigners who, meeting the required requirements, can enter to it and benefit from its programs.

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