In these rooms we have:
  • Surgical microscopes with viewfinder for assistant and closed television system with digital recording equipment, connection panels for suction pumps, compressed air and cauteries.
  • Platform of microcontacts for the handling of the different equipment, XY movement of the microscope, electric chair.
  • Microphones for communication between the rooms and the chiro-scope.
  • System of sterilization of the total space.
  • Phacoemulsification and previous Vitrectomy equipment of the latest generation.
  • Among the most frequently performed procedures are Cataract Surgery and Cornea Transplant

In this Surgery we use Microincision, Ultrasound equipment and replace the Lens with Intra-ocular Lenses of the highest quality. Used for people with pathologies that affect the Crystalline, the most frequent of them the Cataract (Opacity b-dislocated).

You can get more information in the Cataract section of frequently asked questions.

Cornea transplant

These grafts are performed in patients who have pathologies such as: Keratoconus, corneal scars caused by wounds, traumas or burns. Corneal grafts can be Laminar, Penetrating or Endothelial. The purpose of making a Corneal Graft is to replace the damaged cornea with a healthy one, using corneas from donors who were alive until a few hours before the transplant and who generously donated their eyes so that other people can see. The Clinic has Registration with the National Transplant Network to perform Cornea grafts.

You can get more information in the Keratoconus section of frequently asked questions.

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