The priority consultation consists of the management of eye diseases or conditions that are NOT emergencies and do not compromise the patient’s life, causing visual discomfort which does not allow them to continue with daily activities and that require short-term care, where their clinical conditions do not they can wait for a regularly scheduled outpatient visit.

In the year we serve an average of 9,300 patients who come to this exclusive service of Clínica Barraquer.

Care Procedures:

Upon arrival at the Barraquer Clinic, the patient must take a turn and wait for the call in the room.

The priority consultation will be attended in order of entry to admissions and the agility will depend on the circumstances of your pathology and the availability of the service.

Subsequently, you are interviewed by trained personnel to identify if your reason for consultation requires priority service or a scheduled consultation. If, during this initial interview, the patient consults for a chronic condition that does not merit a priority consultation, the patient receives help and advice to assign him a regular appointment in an outpatient clinic and receive specialized optometric and ophthalmological care, which allows the study and treatment of his individual case.

If it is considered that it requires priority attention, the conditions of the service and the approximate waiting time will be informed, in such a way that they are known and accepted in advance by the user.

Then you will be sent to billing where the value of the consultation must be paid and you will return to the waiting room to be called by the doctor according to the order of arrival.

In the priority consultation, the patient is evaluated by a General Ophthalmologist, who will attend to their current reason for consultation and will define a course of action that, on some occasions, may be definitive or will end in referral to a specialist who will continue to manage their visual condition.

Remember that for any type of medical care it is important to present the user’s identification document.

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