We want to know how was your experience in our institution. We invite you to fill out a simple satisfaction survey of the service you have visited:

  • I recommend: The preparation of the doctors. The knowledge. The experience. The attention to the patients is very good. It’s very reliable. It’s excellent, I recommend it because I was one on the patients once and it went well.
    Inés Ramiréz
  • Everything was excellent, the service, the attention, the care, the room, the cleanliness, the food and not to mention Dr. Simón in an eminence … I seemed t be in a clinic in the USA … on leaving she was given with absolutely everything she was going to need for the post-operative care according to the doctor’s instructions. They gave she from the medications to the tape to paste the sleeping eye protector, amazing. I think it’s the only clinic in Colombia with those wonderful services … I loved it … Thanks to all the people who in one way or another had to do with the care and attention for my sister Claudia.
    Norma Manchola
  • It’s my favorite! Dr. Carmen Barraquer is the best! From a human, professional point of view… I contacted her for a procedure from Costa Rica and it was a success! 17 years ago. Then I traveled again with a complicated case and in her clinic, they resolved it with great success, when there wasn’t chance of saving the vision! I can only ask God for a lot of blessing and health for Dr. Carmen Barraque and her entire team of professionals!
    Siddey Machado Cruz
  • I’ve always found it excellent; depending on the professional, the consultation may take a while due to the order you may have. In my personal case I’ve been well attended and regarding surgery, I think they follow the protocols and responsibilities are fulfilled to satisfaction. I thank God for this great service they provide to humanity, especially Dr. Ángela María Gutiérrez, surgeon.
    Claris Muriel
  • Thanks to the hand and professionalism of the surgeon Ernesto Otero who operated my daughter,  very good additional procedure, congratulations to all the clinic staff for their good care and human quality.
    Claris Muriel
  • An institution with high standards of care, quality and service.
    Juan Carlos G Sáenz
  • Barraquer Clinic, full professionals in ophthalmology, with a sense of humanity and excellent responsibility, congratulations.
    Valentina Sánchez
  • They’re the best, God and the clinic, thank you very much for your excellent service, God provide of more wisdom to all your doctors and nurses. God bless you.
    Martha Leonor Maza
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